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Customized Tattoo Booking

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so..... before you fill out the form,

there is some stuff you need to know about the process.

1. The customized design for Taiwan is priced from 12000ntd. And I will take the projects that I think the budget fits the idea the most. So if you have a low budget but want to do a big tattoo, it would be difficult. For guest spots, is 200 euros/hr. If you want a big design let me know in advance. (The price will be different based on the size/ placement/ complication of the work.) If your budget is below this, I would recommend you choose a flash that is within your budget:)

2. I will show you your design at the latest 1 week before your appointment. When you see the design if you don't like it or resonate with it. We can discuss but I’ll have the right to make the final decision on, whether we will change the details or not. But please be noted, I don't really change my design in general.

3. The deposit will be 3000ntd. If you want to cancel the appointment due to your own reason, the deposit will not be refundable.  (The price above is only applied in TAIWAN)

4. Size-wise, I don't do small tattoos. So if it's a linear-shaped design, it will be at least 20cm long. If it's a line-based design, mostly will be longer than 24cm. Flowers, plants, and flowy patterns will be more than 22cm. 

5. I like to have clear rules because slowly I met some people disappearing or canceling without a proper explanation. So let's be understanding, and respect each other:))  Overall, thanks for liking my art, even if we didn’t do the tat in the end, still appreciate your support!

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