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Zhon - Minimalistic Artist 

It's still pretty weird to call myself an artist.

Since I always say, I am just a person who draws and has so many doubts in myself.


But hey, I am Zhon. I studied Psychology,

yet I am not a therapist.

How so I am doing art, and tattoos now?

This is the question I got the most.

Psychology makes me understand how important

it is, to express and explore yourself.

And my tool to achieve this goal is Art.

I started drawing a lot during my trip to Europe, 

due to the CORONA(2020), I had a lot of time

to be with me and to think.

I love to minimalistic style.

Color blocks, body parts, lines, present my art.

I believe simple is complicated,

thus complicated is simple.

My psychology background and sentimental personality take big parts in my art.

Which I love.

We all made of emotions. 

Good ones, and bad ones. I think.

However, nowadays, we are so good at hiding ourselves.

I feel WE are scared of connecting.

With ourselves, others, our emotions, nature...

Why is it so hard? I am not sure, still.

This is a journey of mine, and I would love you to join me. To explore, learn, grow and love.

Hope you like what you are experiencing on my website. 

Write me a message if you want. 

We are all in this together, living and breathing.


Clinical Psychology


Sport Psychology



handbuch der pflanzenkrankheiten, by DAVID FUCHS


Art Project

Connection/ Verbindung

If you want to collaborate with me, or you want me to do designs/ illustrations for you. You can write an email or use the contact form.

Love & Good Vibes

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